pivot point

  1. B

    Fibonacci Pivots

    Hello , This is my first post and i like to share my indicator and if you combin it with vwap get best result the pivot it bast en multiple system classique HLC , HLCO, HLO, and new system pivot base en Kijun and vwap chose numbre 0-4 please test it and Any comments or suggestions are welcome
  2. EnrichWave

    Alter for 2 hour Pivot

    Hello fellows. The attached Indicator is very good to calculate 1 hour Pivot points. Could anyone make changes to calculate 2 hour Pivot points?. Kind Regards
  3. Poshtrader

    [PoshTrader] Pivot Points for cTrader

    The indicator automatically draws important Pivot Levels using the most popular approaches: Floor Camarilla Woodie Fibonacci DeMark Usage of Pivot Points The very essence of trading with Pivot Points is based on the idea that the price tends to reach yesterday’s close point much more often...
  4. Leksisy

    Pivot point for MT5

    Hello I'm looking for pivot point indicator used for MT5. I'll appreciate if someone can give me a link to download this indicator. Thanks in advance
  5. FXSeed

    FXSeed Expert Advisor (for Strategy Tester and Demo Account)

    Hello Sir I just finished coding my Expert Advisor and will be pleased if you test it and review. The link to download the EA is http://fxseed.com/FXSeed.zip I will be open to license a copy to you for free if you are interested in the EA after testing. The version in the download works in...
  6. FXTrader29

    Camarilla Pivot Points MT4 Indicator FREE Download

    Camarilla Pivot Points are calculated with a different formula as compared to the standard pivot points. You can download this Camarilla Pivot Points MT4 indicator FREE. Many pro traders claim that Camarilla Pivot Points are much more accurate as compared to the standard pivot points. The major...
  7. mayalistyorini

    EURUSD Pivot Points (May 21, 2014)

    4th Resistance : 1.3772 3rd Resistance : 1.3750 2nd Resistance : 1.3731 1st Resistance : 1.3714 > Pivot Point : 1.3695 1st Support : 1.3678 2nd Support : 1.3659 3rd Support : 1.3642 4th Support : 1.3631
  8. D

    5 Great Tips for Pivot Point Trading for the Beginners

    Pivot Points are considered by some traders as being the most important indicators in Forex. They are easy to identify, and also to use.The Pivot points appear on the charts often,but only some of them are useful.If you don't know about pivot trading you should learn on this topic. Read...
  9. N

    EURUSD pivot points- 12.12.12

    Hai this is EURUSD pivot point details For December 12.12.12. Use this for your good trade friends . Thank you R3 R2 R1 pivot S1 S2 S3 1.31559 1.30699 1.30402 1.29839 1.29542 1.28979 1.2811