1. TomDominic

    return value of orderclose should be checked

    how can i solve this warning..... return value of orderclose should be checked,
  2. TomDominic


    how can i remove this warnings,,,,, return value of orderclose should be checked, also for orderdelete and orderselect. Also,,,,this Expression has no effect....i have three of this....please help me here
  3. Enivid

    Close All Orders (Positions)

    Please use this thread to discuss our Close All Orders (Positions) MetaTrader script. It's a simple script to mass-close orders in MT4 or positions in MT5. You can download the script from its description page (linked earlier) and ask any questions about this free script here.
  4. Black Art

    Close position with define lot - script

    Hello ! This is my first post here, so first of all I would like to say a big HELLO to all of you ! I wish profitable trades to everyone !!! So what brings me here today ? I'm looking for a script where you can choose X lot of the position size to close out. For example: If I have a 0.10 lot...