1. H

    HubuFX Shares Trading Ideas

    A Strong Surge in NZDUSD Yesterday, the NZDUSD pair experienced a significant upward rally, successfully surpassing our anticipated target of 0.6247 and closing the daily candlestick above this level. This confirmed the resumption of the primary bullish trend and put an end to the bearish...
  2. A

    DXY Levels To Watch 8/7 - 8/12

    Coming off of NFP we have had a Bullish Retracement into a Daily Price level 106.452 where we would anticipate seeing resistance to the downside. Within this move back into this Bearish Price Level, we have a move off a Bullish Price Level 105.348 within this Bullish Range. With this in mind, we...
  3. Sharif Mohammad Ashik

    Daily Financial News & Analysis - Fast Bull

    18 April 2022 The major currency pair NZDUSD did a fakey out of the 0.6890 highs for the year, only to drop back into the range. There hasn't been a clear enough directional bias on the NZDUSD from the weekly time frame perspective as we had an earlier drop from 0.6890 to 0.6520 and then a...
  4. TFA

    Daily Forex Signals by The Forex Army

    Hi everyone, I'll be using this thread to post my daily trading signals. They are mainly scalping and day trading signals (sometimes swing trading signals). They are generated by an algorithm but I'll create a separate analysis on it to explain how it was generated. I have a free MT4 signal...
  5. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis NZDUSD : 2019-10-07

    Getting ready for trade talks between the US and China On October 10-11, the next trade talks between the USA and China will start. Will the New Zealand dollar quotations grow? Deliveries of goods to China account for approximately 20% of New Zealand's exports. Because of this, possible...
  6. AAATrade Official

    AAATrade Daily Technical Analysis on NZD-USD

    Our unique trading strategy has provided us with a technical analysis on the NZD-USD pair. Market scenario : We can observe one major level on the NZD-USD pair, a resistance at 0.6930 area. In our opinion this a strong resistance level and we are expecting to observe a bounce once price...
  7. artsiomheliy

    Прогноз рынка форекс от Артема Гелий

    Прогноз рынка форекс на 13.07.2016 Спасибо за внимание!
  8. E

    NZDUSD: under pressure against the background of trade deficit in New Zealand

    NZDUSD Aug. 26, 2015, 09:35 Sell on a level breakthrough of 0.6465 with 0.6400 target. Stop loss = 0.6515. Reason for the trading strategy In July, New Zealand's trade balance declined from -194 million to -649 million NZ dollars. The reduction of the index, which is a part of the...
  9. CashBackForex

    Net Speculative Long in the USD Sharply Lower

    CFTC Commitments of Traders (COT) Report, 27 November 2012. The net speculative position in the USD remains long, but only 3052 contracts, down from 52, 244 contracts last week. Within the composite number are some conflicting trends. The commodity currencies remain a favorite long, and the...
  10. CashBackForex

    Commodity Currency Longs Reduce Positions

    COT (Commitment of Traders) COT Report, 02 October 2012. Commodity currency longs reduced some of their longs versus the USD in the latest reporting period. The exception was in the NZ$, a small market where they hold about 89% of the long side. The reduction in the Canadian Dollar long was...