1. FEW

    NZD/CAD Trend Analysis and Support Levels

    The NZD/CAD is trending down on the larger time frames. It should continue down to the 0.8200 level. See the attached image below for the trend analysis on the W1 time frame chart. For a full trend assessment of 28 pairs go to NZD/CAD Trend Analysis on our blog.
  2. FEW

    Current NZD Trading Plans

    The NZD exotics look ready to move on NZD weakness. AUD/NZD – new intermediate D1 uptrend, set buy alarm at 1.3570, some layers of resistance above there but it should move ahead GBP/NZD – new D1 timeframe uptrend trying to form, set buy alarm at 2.0760, substantial upside potential...