1. M

    I need help please

    Hi, i am posting here as I really need your help. im a total newbie to FOREX. And as it often happens I made a few wrong decisions. I have a few opened positions and I don’t know what to do. i do not intend to get your magic rule on how to make money as I know I would most likely have to pay...
  2. ForexDay TradingAcademy

    Hi! I'm new here and excited to learn from others and share information...

    Hello I've been trading since 2001 and I'd like to learn what other traders are doing... I would also like to share my strategies too.... looking forward to making new friends.
  3. REB_FX

    Evening All, good to be here!

    Hi all My name is Rachel, based in the UK and trading for just over a year. I have recently found a consistency in my trading, but always looking to learn and develop what i am doing. Looking forward to getting involved! Thanks Rach
  4. Anthony Lazarus

    How's your experience in this forum?

    I'm just a newbie here today, and it seems to me that you all are getting into this forum. But I just am curious to know how's your experience from newbie till now here? I'd be much appreciated to see some experiences.
  5. Ethan$

    Starting Forex.

    Hello everyone, I just started my way in the world of forex and would like to know where to start?
  6. T

    Margin Call

    Hi every body I’m not a pro forex trader, I want to know what margin call level is? Why different account type has got different margin call level? Is it better that our account has a higher level or lower? Would you please help me? Thanks.
  7. johnsmithgt55

    I am newbie and can anyone tel me how to find support and resistance ??

    Hello everyone, i am new to fx trading and i trade with demo account and i gain 20-30 pips per trade but i want to make more reliable pips because i put 5 trades minimum perday in gbp/usd,gbp/jpy,usd/cad,eur/usd,usd/jpy but gbp pair always i lost. so anyone give me how to trade safely and what...
  8. B

    General information

    Hey guys! My name is Ben and I've recently started learning about forex and trading. I would love to get your help with recommendation for websites or mobile application for relevant market information and tools for analysis. Which are considered the most reliable and updated? What are the most...
  9. L

    Newbie here! When to switch from demo to real accounts?

    Hey guys! I am relatively new to forex trading. So far I have only studied information available in the internet so to make sure i understand the basics before diving in... My question here is... When is the right time to switch from demo to real accounts? I mean can you really be confident...
  10. R

    Get the New Trend Collapse Strategy Free -Great for Newbies

    I used this strategy when I first started out in Forex. It is a great free strategy for the Forex Newbie just starting out. But if you are not new to Forex, you can use this to kill it! Check it out and let me know what you think...:p Cheers, rslayter
  11. Enivid

    New Forum - Newbie Questions

    New forum has been added - Newbie Questions. It should be used to post basic Forex newbie questions. If you want to ask about something you don't understand in Forex market, this new forum is the right place to do so.