1. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-NATGAS : 2019-08-19

    The growth of gas reserves slowed down in the USA The increase in US natural gas reserves over the week was less than expected. Will the NATGAS quotations grow? According to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas reserves for the week increased by 49 billion cubic feet with a...
  2. IFC Markets

    Pakistan and India Air Force crash have not yet had an impact on world markets

    Fed Chairman Powell announced that his department will not rush to raise rates The ICE US Dollar Index noticeably dropped to a 3-week low after the statement by the Fed Chairman. In 2018, the rate increased 4 times. This year its growth is questionable. A significant part of investors believe...
  3. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-NATGAS : 2019-01-16

    Cold snap is expected in the US U.S. National Weather Service forecasts cold snap in the United States. Will natural gas prices rise? The growth of natural gas prices may be due to an increase in demand for heating amid cold weather. Let us not that the volume of trades of natural gas on the...