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    Top 10 mt4 indicators

    With more than $5 trillion a day in terms of market capitalization, the forex market is one of the largest financial markets in the world. Millions of traders around the globe have pitched their tents on the market as their primary source of passive income. For you to succeed in this market...
  2. cQ-Indicators

    FREE MT4 Trade Finder

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  3. AVSDA Indicator

    Download 2018 Best New Indicators for Forex,Binary Options,CFD,Crypto,Stock

    Download Indicators I've brought two Best Indicators to make easy way to trading for Beginners, Intermediate or Professionals traders who trading Forex, Binary Option, Crypto or Stock CFD by using their own strategies like Scalping, Day Trading, Short term or Long term 1. AVSDA Sri Lanka...
  4. Wetalktrade

    Trial The Best Forex Indicator For MT4!

    Hi, we're proud to offer you this wonderful opportunity to try one among the best Forex indicator on the market - Pipbreaker for MT4. Enhance your trading experience with this cool Forex Tool! 93% success rate on all your trades. Supports all forex pairs. Works best on all time frames above...
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    Confirmed swing highs and lows

    I try searching for Swing high and low indicator, but they are not what I want. I want a Swing high and low indicator that does what this post describe. With this way of plotting swing high and low it will not repaint. Does...
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    With 85 preinstalled indicators, multiple chart setups, auto-trading and 20 years of data for backtesting.
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    The 4xTrader Team wants to wish you health, comfort, and prosperity this holiday season and wants to thank you for all your support and purchases which made our company have a very successful year. Thanks to all of you we are able to keep using our innovative ideas to develop more tools, helping...