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  1. Lynda1985

    Backtesting a custom EA

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and wanted to reach out to any members who may have some advice they may be able to share. I have a custom EA I have written myself, and it works fine, however testing certain time frames such as backtesting over a certain week, or few days, or months for...
  2. JackzM

    I share login details for real MT4 account trading an EA. I give the EA and the inputs for free if you like how it works

    SERVER FPMarkets-Live3 LOGIN 6584291 PASS @investor1 Check the bot as much as you need and, if you like it, I send it to you with the proper inputs.
  3. Forex InfoBook

    Forex InfoBook : Get Smart, Get Profitable

    Forex InfoBook is dedicated to providing traders with accurate technical analysis, trading signals, trading strategies and broker reviews by data mining the Foreign Exchange Markets. Our free Technical Analysis and Trading Recommendations are posted on the Forex InfoBook TECHNICAL ANALYSIS page...
  4. AndyPipsir

    free Elite Panel for manual trading (but install as EA)

    Hey all, Hope, you are doing well. I'd love to share tool that I use personally. It helps me with my manual trading - manages all trades as well as help to set SL/TP and allow trailing SL... breakeven etc. Few useful scripts are available on the panel too - easy to close orders by...
  5. AVSDA Indicator

    Download 2018 Best New Indicators for Forex,Binary Options,CFD,Crypto,Stock

    Download Indicators I've brought two Best Indicators to make easy way to trading for Beginners, Intermediate or Professionals traders who trading Forex, Binary Option, Crypto or Stock CFD by using their own strategies like Scalping, Day Trading, Short term or Long term 1. AVSDA Sri Lanka...
  6. A

    Ultimate Trend Master (Real Forward test)

    Good day Everyone, I've found this expert on the MQL community. . The seller also provide live test with different risk / pairs settings and its seem strongly profitable with low risk. Does anyone already tested it?
  7. F

    FxPro Quant Strategy Builder

    Dear Members, We are pleased to announce the launch of the FxPro Quant, an online tool for building MT4 EAs and cTrader Robots using a simple drag-and-drop visual technology, which is free to use for everyone, not just the clients of FxPro. We invite you to take...
  8. R

    Forex VPS Cloud - EA Coding Service

    Today Forex VPS Cloud are proud to present our new Service called "EA Coding". If you are interest in getting your rules and strategy in an EA contact us through asking for a quote! Hope that help you!
  9. E

    Free EA MMA breakout

    MMA breakout EA Hello here i want to share i good EA. Strategy Instructions: Currency pair: EUR/USD and Time-frame: M30. (Be sure to run EA from years 2003.01.01-2012.06.01. Also, be sure to run strategy in strategy tester using “Open prices only” instead of “Every tick” to speed up...