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  1. Jixo man

    GBPCHF bais

    I am thinking price will reverse, as I see bulls coming into the market . And price will then reverse down at 1.19666 or 1.19753 were I will sell, no more emotional trading. God help me.
  2. Jixo man

    Problem with Fibonacci trading

    Good evening trader's. Ok for the pass two days, I have been studying Fibonacci trading strategy. It so fasinating not I am kinda stuck on chapter of the book I am using. The author talk about price projection, where you substrate a previous swing high from the current swing low to get the...
  3. Jixo man

    Indicator sends a buy and selling signal simultaneously

    Good morning forex traders. Below is a custom indicator I built with my little knowledge on mql4. I followed all instructions on Earnforex article, on how to add alert to indicator. But it sends buy and sell signal at the same time. Please can someone help me figure out what is wrong. Please...
  4. totom

    Forex Blog & Service by Qi Bug (Qi Bug Media Solution)

    Hello EarnForex members! I hope you're fine. By this post I'd like to introduce my new blog about forex, mql, and other topics stays on my mine. It could be whatever but I'll filter up it so only useful content will be posted there. The blog I just said has URL of It's...