meta trader

  1. MBHeron88

    Blockchain based Forex trading?

    I've been trading Forex for a year now, and trading crypto for 2 years. I've been waiting for a blockchain based platform to bridge the worlds of traditional assets to cryptographic currencies, and other than Genesis Vision, I'm not seeing anything. Is anyone aware of projects similar to GVT at...
  2. Hafizmd

    A question on MQL-5 coupons

    Hello! I wonder if someone has already used that coupons. Is it as much comfortable as they say?
  3. V

    MT4 & Expert Advisor Webinars

    • Meta Trader demonstration at 7 PM Dubai time on Monday: This webinar will introduce traders to the Meta Trader platform, including how to set-up charts, place and monitor trades, and set stops and limits. • Meta Trader Expert Advisor at 7 PM Dubai time on Wednesday: This webinar will...
  4. Enivid


    Discuss Amazing expert advisor. Amazing should be used to trade during the news - you can set the news date, hour and minute and watch as it follows the range breakouts caused by the news. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here. See also: Upgraded version by kjw425.