mcx tips today

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    mcx gold and silver calls

    Buy silver (5 march) above 59550 tgt 59600, 59700……… 59300 Buy gold (5FEB) above 30640 tgt 30700 ,30750…….sl 30465
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    best commodity to invest today

    Cotton for the Jan contract expected to trade low on domestic market, currently cotton position is showing downward direction from its opening position. Today cotton open 20 point high from yesterday close at 16360. Mentha oil is MCX looking to recover to its position but low demand on Domestic...
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    If we go towards the bullion its movement is looking positive today, gold is moving towards to touch a line of 31000 for 5 February contract where as white metal is 59000. Today bullion has a very good support for gold support level is 30680 and a resistance of 31402 , meanwhile silver is...
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    commodity news

    Base metal Base metals have a strong support on the MCX. Especially copper and nickel showing a good move in the early trade on the Thursday morning. Copper is up by 3.90 point at 11:07 am. Meanwhile the last year worst performing commodity is showing a strong position this year. Nickel hike up...
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    commodity calls

    Today calls Buy gold tgt 30950…31000…… 30600 Buy silver tgt 59700 …59800…59900……sl 59200 Mentha oil tgt 1370….1380…..1390…….sl 1330 to get more news visit my blog............mcx tips today
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    risky commodity

    Today commodity is showing a red dark sign In the market, on the MCX there is a deep Sharp fall in all the commodity. In the domestic market this is the first time in this week when there is deep fall on the MCX. Today bullion break the back bone of the MCX by downing more then 800+ point...
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    mcx commodity tips

    Today commodity market is moving with a slow movement, the entire commodity is trading is positive but the movement is very slow. Bullion market is very volatile today, silver price on MCX trading touch a high of 64133 with a day low of 63820.yesterday silver is closed at 63734,and its go 155...
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    mcx updates

    Crude oil price would likely to touch $110 barrel up from its previous forecast of $103. There is a war between Angola and Nigeria to export the oil. Import of West African crude oil is dipped to 1.49 million barrel a day in the November which is down by 10% on October. Today crude oil has a...