market maker

  1. L

    Which indicator can I use to get an idea of where the market makers have their orders positioned

    I think volume and divergences with volume are the most effetive. If you think about the volume is when large buyers are market buying, and accumulating moving the volume ( a market order) so the divergences volume/price they have a great meaning I wanted to ask to you if there...
  2. TheTradersEdge

    Bull & Bear Traps Strategy + FREE indicator

    Hi traders, Not been an actual member since now, but stumbled across earnforex hundreds of times during my trading journey. I hope this quick article helps some people to become profitable. First to say, this style of trading is not for everyone, because you need a lot of patience and a lot of...
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    As an experienced trader, Im confused as to why traders always moan about slippage and then start to call brokers scam because of slippage?! When you trade forex, you MUST expect slippage, it is as sure as making a profit/loss on your trades. The ONLY time you wont have slippage is when you...