lot calculator

  1. FvEA

    Indicator to calculate lots and risk from your mobile phone.

    Hello, trader! I wanted to share with you a game-changing tool that has transformed my trading experience. It's called Fast Auto Lot Mobile, an innovative indicator that allows you to place orders directly from your mobile device while automatically calculating risk and take profit. The ease of...
  2. Enivid

    Position Sizer

    Discuss the Position Sizer expert advisor here. This EA lets you calculate optimal position size and execute trades based on these calculations. Based on Position Size Calculator, it allows some additional control over the trades it opens. You can ask any questions about this free MetaTrader...
  3. Universal Financial Consultancy

    Indicator or script to Calculate traded lots from Account history

    My Dear fellows. any one can share indicator or script to calculate total traded lots from account history ( I've accounts with a broker without charging commission and with commission) Kind Regards
  4. Enivid

    Position Size Calculator

    Warning! Position Size Calculator is now an expert advisor and has a new discussion thread. Discuss Position Size Calculator indicator (automated Forex calculator of the position size for MetaTrader) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here. Update 2019-03-19: And...