1. hayseed

    which would you prefer.... double your profit or halve your losses....

    two people were discussing a certain signal provider the other day..... one was mildly for it and another strongly against it.... eventually the signal provider himself stepped in to remind everyone there was a minimum account size and a maximum lot size.... turns out the disappointed...
  2. M

    I need help please

    Hi, i am posting here as I really need your help. im a total newbie to FOREX. And as it often happens I made a few wrong decisions. I have a few opened positions and I don’t know what to do. i do not intend to get your magic rule on how to make money as I know I would most likely have to pay...
  3. SweetPrincess

    How to prevent the risk of loss?

    Can anyone share your ideas on how to prevent the risk of loss? Thanks guys.. :)
  4. M

    What slippage is normal? Stats on my 4621 trades

    Hi all! I’ve been trading for about 5 years - algo trading on the majors, doing 5 to 50 intraday trades per day per symbol, flat at the end of each session. I’ve been analyzing my trades - profits and losses, and recently I have figured out the exact impact of slippage on my trading results...
  5. A

    Calculation P/L by comments

    Calculation P/L by comments i am looking for any indicator or scripts for Calculation P/L for all orders which have the same comments If i have this opening orders Buy EURUSD : comment S1 Sell EURCAD : comment S1 Sell GBPUSD : comment S1 Buy EURUSD : comment S2 Sell EURCAD ...
  6. Enivid

    Gain/Loss Info

    Discuss Gain/Loss Info (indicator of the price change per time interval expressed in percentage points and pips) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  7. Enivid

    Forex Magazines

    Hello all! Do you read any Forex magazines? And if yes, what? I read Currency Trader Magazine (subscribed to it back in 2007 and still reading). It's a nice monthly magazine, but unfortunately it has degraded in quality during last months. Nevertheless, it's still completely free and has a...