1. Enivid

    Wondering What Bitcoin Is? Read This Introduction!
  2. sidekickstarter

    Hello from a curious soul.

    Hi, I want to learn new things and currently interested in Forex. I heard a lot about it but never experienced. Hope to have a great journey.
  3. Rayford Adam

    Intro - Newbie

    Hi Adam here and I have 3 years of experience in forex trading and still need to learn more that's why I want to join this forum

    Newbie Here

    Hello everyone my name is ed marketing advertisement.I am here to share my knowledge related in this forum
  5. Mohsin Rasheed

    Just Introduction

    Hi Traders , I am New In Forex Market . Wants to learn more from you.
  6. M

    Milton Markets

    Hello members and viewers of EarnForex, I would like to introduce to you Milton Markets, a Forex broker with a large client base in Japan, China, South East Asia, and Europe. We offer a number of attractive features for our clients, such as: 800:1 leverage. Free VPS support. Standard and...
  7. L


    Hi everyone, I'm Laramy. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Looking forward to discuss FX with you all!
  8. W

    Hello Everyone

    I am Wilhelm from New York City and this is my first forum entry here. Since I am new to forum community and I feel I am in midst of my own learning curve. Everyday’s there is new discussion, topics coming up, I feel sometimes, that I have to learn a lot, hope you guys have patient on me...