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    High & Low Objects Indicator

    This indicator can draw highs & lows objects from H1-MN1. It's very good. But I want it to also draw : 1. last year high & low. 2. last quater high & low. (1st quater = Jan-Mar, 2nd quater = Apr-Jun, 3rd quater = Jul-Sep & 4th quater = Oct-Dec) Because these two also are important suport &...
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    High and Low MA inicator

    I need an indicator for my strategy as follows: Example 20 moving average. Arrow indicating Buy signal when current bar closes above 20 ma high. Arrow indicating Sell signal when current bar closes below 20 ma low. Must happen alternatively i.e buy signal then sell signal when first...
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    Not so much of a review, but a demonstration.

    I'm a technical guy. I write about technologies that work and don't work. I would very much like to point out something on my blog that many Forex Traders are really going to be impressed with and will definitely benefit Traders in general. After a 3 month exhaustive review of High...