1. FEW


    Today in the main session forex trading the GBP was weak on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price movements during the main trading session. Images of the live forex trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. Today in...
  2. Lira BALLSH

    GBP/CAD present situation and forecast

    GBP/CAD Instrument has reached its button. After consolidation it will go toward 1.79960 ... but it will take time. Now we have BUY1 = 1.64085 (already in market) BUY2 (limit) = 1.63234
  3. jonb

    Long in GBPCAD

    today is a good opportunitiy to open a long position in GBPCAD. 1. because the risk reward ratio is more than 1:3 and 2. 250 pips stop loss and 800 pips take profit level ,the target can be reached in a few days if oil prices fall further.
  4. FEW

    Current CAD Trading Plans

    USD/CAD – Strong downtrend in place. Set a price alarm at 1.0815. Next support area is approximately 1.0650. EUR/CAD – Strong downtrend in place. Set a price alarm at 1.4730. Next support area is approximately 1.4500 – 1.4600. GBP/CAD – Strong downtrend is forming. Set price alarm at...
  5. FEW

    Current CAD Trading Plans

    We are looking for CAD strength, likely after the CAD news. EUR/CAD – this pair is oscillating on the D1 time frame and could drop from here with plenty of potential, check it for sell signals in the main session, it has some layers of support down to 1.4000. GBP/CAD – this pair is in a D1...
  6. FEW

    Current GBP Trading Plans

    GBP/CAD – set resistance alarm at 1.5730, the D1 timeframe trend could easily form a new uptrend above here. GBP/CHF – this pair looks to be oscillating, with the next movement back to the upside, set a buy alarm at 1.4625, good potential to 1.5000 and beyond. When the price alarms hit...