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    I've been using these signals and they are working, anyone else use them?

    Hey guys! I've been using these FREE forex signals and they are working in a good way. Not all the signals are accurate, but I'm getting 4 out of 5 signals correctly so far. I'm using them on a small account just to test it. Here is the link for the signals:
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    Daily Top Forex Signals Free

    Get Daily Top Forex Signals Free with monthly 70 to 75% Accuracy and much more!
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    Free Forex Signals. Thousands of them daily!

    I'd like to introduce the Forex signals and data aggregator Free forex signals, news and data gathered around the Web in realtime(updates every 3 minutes). Combine it with your own analysis and make a profit. Happy Trading!
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    Free Forex Signals Aggregator (+News/Events/Data)

    Want to see free forex signals publishing in the Web in realtime? So do it!: Possible way to use it: choose a pair you are interested in. See whether signal providers (especially with medium and high trust) advise to buy or to sell). Watch for possible triggers also...
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    FREE Forex Signals for 24 Feb 2013

    Hello Traders! Please see below my predicted levels for the incoming session. Last week was another 6 from 8 levels hit and again, some good profits were made. Accuracy wise, that's 79.68% since January 2013. Please feel free to get in touch if you've any questions. Good trading...
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    Accuracy International Forex Signals

    Buy Stop : -EUR/USD @ 1.2554 -GBP/USD @ 1.5627 -AUD/USD @ 1.0290 -EUR/JPY @ 100.22 Sell Stop : -EUR/USD @ 1.2507 -GBP/USD @ 1.5573 -AUD/USD @ 1.0242 -EUR/JPY @ 99.78 TP1 = 10 Pips, TP2 = 25 Pips, TP3 = 50 Pips, SL :45 Pips to see complete info about performance and updates you can visit my...
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    Autotrade Forex Signals by specialists

    It is a fact that accounts to 411%% in less than 20 months (ie, more than 20% per month!) What if getting results like these in your Forex account was entirely possible with a simple click of the button... Instruction...
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    Signals by

    Hi, Look to buy the Euro on dips i mean on lows.. as the fundamentals showing that eur will be looking to edge higher atleat in the European sessions. Only in the us sessions a bit of consolidation is possible and this is dependent on the market sentiments.
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    Free Bird Forex Signal (Profitable system that wins)

    I have been trading Forex successfully for the last few years, so I thought I would like to start a new thread to reveal and share some of my trades. Just so you know, my primary interest for doing this is to start a dialogue with others that share my passion. Also, this will be great...