forex price action

  1. forex4earn

    forex holy grail secret strategy

    I’m forex trader and software developer. 10 years forex experience. Use lot of system and indicator but results got loss. I had lost my money and confidence. Then make my secret strategy use 9-10 indicator to make strategy got good results last 5 years. Last year I updated my secret strategy...
  2. sinatraforex

    A 360 Approach To Trading Forex

    Whenever you lose a trade its not because of what you know, its because of what you don't know. In my opinion really successful Forex trading is not 2 dimensional, to truly be at ease when trading Forex you must be able to see the market in a 3 dimensional way. This means knowing just one...
  3. AlexTop

    Forex Price Action (FPA) System

    Forex Price Action (FPA) System – One of the Most effective Forex Trading systems which is purely “Price Action” Based!!! Forex Price Action (FPA) system is a unique & revolutionary way of trading the forex market and is a “breeze of fresh air” against so much of scam in the market. No...