forex for begginers

  1. nika9414

    forex analysis , and stop loss with take profit

    hey , thanks for your interest just to be clear this is not the ' i will be a millionare in a week in forex' bulllshit because lets be honest its impossible .. anyway here is the link check it out and see if you are interested Best of luck :)
  2. nika9414

    signals , analysis and Forex information work from home or anywhere in the world

    Are you sick and tired of your hard exhausting work ? Are you sick and tired of loosing out on the time with your family? Or maybe you just cant find work ? We are looking for determinate people that are not afraid to put commitment to work ! and are ready to work smart not hard ! Are you new...
  3. nika9414

    forex market charts and signals to help you choose the right pair to trade

    Forex Trendy is an automated trading system that will analyse the market trends, then initiate trades for you based on projections and analysis. This system is very advanced considering it can scan over thirty-four currency pairs every sixty seconds. It also boasts a success rate of ninety...