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  1. FEW

    Analysis Of The Australian Dollar (AUD), 7 Pairs - VIDEO

    This Youtube video is an analysis of 7 different Australian Dollar (AUD) pairs. We can use the analysis to determine of the AUD is strong, weak, or mixed. Than we can use this information to generate trading plans, or to know the direction for entering live trades into the AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, etc...
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    VIDEO - Forex Market Analysis With Parallel and Inverse Pairs.

    Analyzing multiple pairs with one common currency will give you a huge advantage over using technical indicators on individual pairs. In this video you will learn how to analyze one currency for strength or weakness to give you a reliable technique to analyze any pair or prepare a trading plan...
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    Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Forex Traders

    This well written, illustrated article explains to traders how to conduct a multiple time frame analysis of any currency pair, individual currency, or the entire market across 28 pairs. It explains how to set up the basic trend indicators and exact procedures. It includes examples of how to...
  4. hwihi1

    Find a forex broker in a marketplace!

    Now, you want to get involved in the foreign exchange market, or forex. You’re itching to trade one currency for another and make some profit. But you can’t just barge into Citigroup of Merrill Lynch and start throwing euros and yen around. To participate, you need a forex broker. The...
  5. XTick

    XTick charting software

    XTick is a professional forex charting software. The key benefits are: - interbank forex feed includes about 350 forex currencies -real-time quotes windows - different types of charts: linear, bars, candles, renko, kagi, TLB, point-figure, footprint - overlay charts in the same window -...
  6. XTick

    XTick for Mac OS X

    XTick™ is a professional forex charting and trading platform for Mac OS X. Charting service is broker independent, any trader can use it to make technical analysis in real-time. Trading features are available now for FXCM forex clients and stocks/futures/options in MOEX. System supports several...
  7. L

    Forex Charting - Free Daily Analysis @ My Forex Chart

    Check out our free daily forex analysis at Today we looked at both aggressive and conservative entry points to get on board the recent NZD/USD trend - Forex Charting - 26 July, 2013
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    Free Forex Charts is an online provider of free forex charts. Now, traders of all experience levels can interact with the forex market through their browsers, anywhere, anytime. No software downloads, no package signups, just live forex charts – completely free. Go on, have a play with our...
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    Free Forex Charting eBook

    Free Forex Charting eBook Free Forex charting eBook that discusses the weakness of time based charts. ebook