fibonacci pivots

  1. tarnaka504

    Flexible Pivot Points indicator needed

    hi, greetings, my name is shivam , I am from India I am having a mt4 indicator which displays pivot points in multiple time frame...1 mnt ,5 mnt,15 mnt,30mt,1 hr,4 hrs,daily,weekly,monthly. I don't remember from where I downloaded it. I am attaching the screenshot of that indicator on chart. my...
  2. FXTrader29

    Fibonacci Pivot Points MT4 Indicator FREE Download

    There are 5 different types of pivot points formulas that are used by pro trader. One of the pivot points formula uses fibonacci ratios to calculate the 3 support and resistance levels S1/R1, S2/R2 and S3/R3. This Fibonacci Pivot Point MT4 Indicator uses that formula. You can download this...