1. Maverick

    MT5 plus Python

    In my quest to get LIVE data for my trading, I first looked at DDE then RTD now I have stumbled on Python ... possibly the Holy Grail Time will tell ...
  2. Maverick

    Real Time Data (RTD) - MT5 to Spreadsheet (Excel, LibreOffice)

    I am hoping there is someone on this site who can help me export my LIVE mt5 data to a spreadsheet FYI ... I use Libre Office
  3. S

    forex trading journal 3.0

    Hello. I would like to use the Forex Trading Journal available on this page https://www.earnforex.com/guides/forex-trading-journal/ but I keep getting the error as in the pic. If I check the circular references in the formula tab I get random errors referring to columns D and E in the Trade...
  4. ice911

    trade history report spreadshit analysis

    hi i want to analyse the data of my trade history report have you got a spreadshit ?
  5. ice911

    import history from myfxbook

    hi how to import history from myfxbook https://www.myfxbook.com/members/forexfuryreal/forex-fury-v4-usdjpy/7639858 thx
  6. ice911

    Calculating maximum position size based on stop-loss and stop-out level

    hi iam using robot for trading i would like to know the formula to hold a position down to 40 pip loss for usdjpy stop out 50% leverage 500
  7. Universal Financial Consultancy

    Indicator or script to Calculate traded lots from Account history

    My Dear fellows. any one can share indicator or script to calculate total traded lots from account history ( I've accounts with a broker without charging commission and with commission) Kind Regards