1. TomDominic


    how can i remove this warnings,,,,, return value of orderclose should be checked, also for orderdelete and orderselect. Also,,,,this Expression has no effect....i have three of this....please help me here
  2. Ichimoku

    Help to download TD Combo

    I am a big fan of the TD Sequentials indicator provided here. But I also want to give a try with TD Combo method. It seems the only free indicator is this one from MT5 market. However, I have a problem with market that I cannot download anything there, though this one is free of charge. So I...
  3. simongoo

    Help EA

    Please can someone help me make an EA that uses a custom indicator which is .ex4, the EA uses an arrow indicator that means an indicator that only show arrow for buy and sell so this EA will have a field which I will input the indicator name and it will have a field where I will input the...
  4. ssmith04

    Super Billion EA

    This is a swing trading EA Asking $200. You will make that back in 1 hour. Minimum account size $500 per .01 lot This link is for the tester only https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-6x2CpJZIm7MDy86DfWDIrb0hkevvmp1/view?usp=sharing Store Link...
  5. AndyPipsir

    free Elite Panel for manual trading (but install as EA)

    Hey all, Hope, you are doing well. I'd love to share tool that I use personally. It helps me with my manual trading - manages all trades as well as help to set SL/TP and allow trailing SL... breakeven etc. Few useful scripts are available on the panel too - easy to close orders by...
  6. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 970

    On June 3, MetaQuotes has finally rolled out its first MetaTrader 4 update this year - build 970. Starting today, it is appearing on some brokers' trading servers (at least InstaForex already has it). The update brings some of the MT5 features to MT4 but, more importantly, it initiates an end to...
  7. S

    Ex4 copy protection

    We had to develop our own system of ex4-protection to our indicator, because we’ve seen the cracking of all other solutions. As a system, this has some properties that do not allow the protection of any EA or indicator, but if they are eliminated, it would be now the strongest protection we...
  8. F

    EX4 to MQ4 conversion – Absolutely Free!

    If you have misplaced your mq4 source and you require a de-compilation done FOR FREE please email your ex4 and user manual to free.ex4.to.mq4@gmail.com. We guarantee all de-compilations and will take the extra step to ensure your de-compiled code will run exactly as expected (that is why...
  9. B

    Best MQ4 Services

    Hi all If anyone lose mq4 file and only have ex4 file and need mq4 file from ex4 please contact me : We doing oneday service or earlier .... We doing service ex4 to mq4 with special price .... - Support MT4 Build 223 - Support MT4 Build 220 - Support MT4 Build 219 - Support MT4...
  10. peter

    Fibonaci indicator

    Hello! There are fibonachi indicator :D
  11. M

    MTF Momentum Indicator

    Momentum indicator, multi-timeframe version, for MetaTrader 4. Download it here Download MTF Momentum Indicator Here Good Trading!