eurusd technical analysis

  1. ccmm

    EURUSD: Trump has halted the dollar’s slide

    On Thursday the 25th of January, trading on the euro closed down on a day of high volatility. Sharp price fluctuations were seen on the major currency pairs as a result of comments from Trump, Mnuchin, Draghi, and Jordan. After hitting a new high in the European session, the euro entered a...
  2. A

    EURUSD technical analysis and forecast

    Forex Analysis and Forecasts and eurusd Trends from Gold Pattern are providing the EURUSD technical analysis today In the medium term, the EURUSD dropped from the 1.2090 level, which represents a historic high for the pair since 2015 The EURUSD broke through the medium term uptrend line The...
  3. sinatraforex

    A 360 Approach To Trading Forex- Theory OF Everything

    Subscribe To My Youtube 360 Trading Whenever you lose a trade its not because of what you know, its because of what you don't know. In my opinion really successful Forex trading is not 2 dimensional, to truly be at ease when trading Forex you must be able to see the market in a 3 dimensional...
  4. mayalistyorini

    EURUSD Pivot Points (May 21, 2014)

    4th Resistance : 1.3772 3rd Resistance : 1.3750 2nd Resistance : 1.3731 1st Resistance : 1.3714 > Pivot Point : 1.3695 1st Support : 1.3678 2nd Support : 1.3659 3rd Support : 1.3642 4th Support : 1.3631
  5. R

    EURUSD Bearish Movement is expected

    It shows that EURUSD is in bearish mood. Last week it breaks a rising trendline. More falling is expected now. Before further bearish movement a small pullback is expected now then the target of bearish movement can be 1.3700. Analysis by : PrefeForex, SMS Forex Signal RISK WARNING: Trading...
  6. R

    EURUSD Analysis- 24/02/2014

    t shows that EURUSD has broken an important resistant at 1.3700 and form a bullish candle after completing retest. A further bullish movement is expected targeted 1.3820. The area of 1.3820 has a very strong confluence; we need to observer price Action closely for further movement from this...