1. new digital

    Great quotes

    The trading industry is full of losers , pretenders and internet marketers , providing free technical analysis, analysis they do not use for themselves in their own trading. Most of these people posting and providing advice are the blind leading the blind or people who suffer from the dunning...
  2. new digital

    Why do 99% of eas or most trading robots (EAS) fail ?

    https://profitable-expertadvisors.blogspot.com/2018/06/why-do-most-trading-robots-eas-fail.html If a trader makes a breakout ea , it will fail when there are no breakouts. If a trader makes a trend ea , it will fail when there are no trends. If a trader makes a ranging ea , it will fail when...
  3. A

    A new Forex Expert Advisors review and rating system

    I'm recommending a new Forex Advisors rating and review system, you will find the most useful information about the most benefitial Expert Advisors in the Forex market, the data are organized in an easy and clear way, reviews from other testers of each expert advisor are present there live to...
  4. rubencouto

    Blue Frog - RainForex EA in the ATC 2012

    Hello! Blue Frog is now placed 62nd in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. Visit RainForex and register for FREE!!
  5. M

    Forex Money Collector

    Do you want to profit from trades of a professional bank trader? We have hired a professional bank trader and set strict money management rules for him (absolute maximum of 3% risk per trade, although usually he risks more like 1%) to ensure that there will be no big drawdown and we have...
  6. F

    Get the UltimateRSI indicator absolutely FREE!

    This indicator shows the RSI values for all timeframes in one easy to read user interface. It will even show you which timeframes are over-bought and/or over-sold so that you know ahead of time which timeframe is likely to reverse. Get this premium indicator at ZERO cost and not only that...