ea creator

  1. O

    Turning indicator to EA, making EA with your strategy

    hello everyone, am an expert in MQL language with 15years of experience and perfect reviews. Send me your strategy or how you want your EA or indicator to look like and I will code it for you.
  2. Pipscraper

    New here. Looking to learn how to create EA's.

    I have some simple methods that are profitable but require constant screen time. I would love some guidance as to where to start learning how to write code for EA's to run in MT4. Any feedback would be welcome.
  3. MaksimA

    Russia is here

    Hi there! My name is Maksim, like you understand from name of topic, I am from Russia and I glad to be here. I have a lot of experience in trading and industry, I worked in retail forex companies in Russia, managed funds and created EAs and indicators. Now I am with my friend focus on creating...
  4. E

    Tool to create forex EAs without any programming

    Hi all, we are creating web application for traders with which You will be able to create Expert Advisors with risk and money management without programming. We do not believe in people selling systems - why to sell a profitable system when if it by itself makes You money? Traders...