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    Day Traders Chat Room

    Hello, Anyone interested to join day traders chat room? Join here
  2. Day Trade Ideas

    Inserting Economic Releases on MT5

    In this Day Trade Ideas tutorial video we go over inserting economic releases on your MT5 charts. For those coming over from MT4 you may remember that you used to have to install an Expert Advisor (EA) in order for economic releases to be displayed on charts. That is no longer the case as...
  3. Day Trade Ideas

    Video Market Analysis

    Jason Sen of Day Trade Ideas goes over potentially major Forex and Futures market movements in this video analysis segment. Jason has over 30 years of trading experiencing, with close to half of that being on the LIFFE trading floor duking it out in the pits.
  4. Day Trade Ideas

    Forex and Commodities Analysis for April 19th 2018

    Emini S&P barely moving in overbought conditions - but we edged higher 2718, which was not part of the plan & stopped us out of shorts. However I do still think risks are to the downside. AUDUSD sideways so far this week. We bottomed 6 pips below good support at 7755/50 & topped 2 pips above...
  5. Day Trade Ideas

    US Dollar Index Analysis

    Our head analyst and founder at Day Trade Ideas, Jason Sen was recently featured in the latest edition of Fx Traders Magazine. He wrote an excellent piece on the United States Dollar and how it is going to impact USD crosses...
  6. DrinkForex

    Live Forex Analysis For March 26th

    I attended a live event this morning hosted by Day Trade Ideas. I figured I would share the link as it was a great free analysis session. Very insightful to current market conditions
  7. DrinkForex

    Day Trade Training Course

    Hi All, One of our sponsors, Day Trade Ideas has recently revamped their online day trade training course. For a limited time you can get a 15% discount off the retail course price by using the code: DTI15 or by clicking the link below.
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    9 Tips for Successfully Scalping the Forex & Futures Markets

    1. Trade the morning session in Europe only (Obviously not possible if you are in the USA). I find the support & resistance levels tend to be more reliable before the US open. 2. Use basic technical analysis - Trend following, Fibonacci, trend lines, candle formations, candle patterns &...
  9. DrinkForex

    Using Trend Lines - Technical Tuesdays

    Our partners at DayTradeIdeas recently launched a video series titled, Technical Tuesdays. Each week they will explore a different technical pattern or indicator. In the first episode they dive deep into Trend Lines, from the basics up to more advanced way in which to use them. Check it out...
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    Who is behind Day Trade Ideas?

    Day Trade ideas is a professional level Forex and commodities analysis and signal service. Jason Sen currently provides his technical analysis to the major banks, hedge funds, and professional traders. He has recently launched his own online course that gives new traders an advantage on...
  11. DrinkForex

    Dollar Index Short Call

    We just wanted to give a shout out to Jason Sen at Day Trade Ideas ( on his excellent Dollar Index short and EURUSD long call back in March of this year. Jason couldn't have been more spot on in his call. He recently put out a video that goes over the trade setup and...