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  1. Enivid

    Assessing the Forex Brokers' Customer Support Service

    Currency trading is by and large carried out in the OTC (over-the-counter) market. Lack of a central regulatory authority has given rise to numerous Forex brokers with offices in exotic locations. A large section of the retail traders depend on these Forex brokers to trade currencies from the...
  2. P

    Free trading webinar with SmartTradeFX

    Hi all, SmartTradeFX is offering free webinars to our clients, 3 times a week! - and that includes demo clients! If you're not yet sure you want to invest with us open up a demo account and check out our webinar given over by an expert forex trader. I urge you to check us out at...
  3. W

    Forex-Metal Adds Yahoo Messenger Customer Support

    Forex-Metal Adds Yahoo Messenger Customer Support Forex-Metal, a leading online Forex and CFD broker, has recently announced the introduction of Yahoo Messenger support service in addition to its phone, email, online chat, and Skype support. “A recent research, conducted by our quality...