custom symbols

  1. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 2615

    MetaTrader 5 Build 2615 has been released yesterday and is now available from brokers' servers. It introduces some important changes to trading symbol properties, new MQL5 features, and new Strategy Tester settings among other things: Trading symbols can now have new properties: Sector...
  2. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 2485

    Yesterday, MetaQuotes released another update for its MetaTrader 5 platform - Build 2485. It provides some optimizations and improvements. MetaQuotes recommends recompiling the MQL5 programs that were compiled with previous builds to improve execution performance: Optimized the speed of...
  3. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 2006

    Build 2006 of MetaTrader 5 has been released yesterday. It is the first major release after a series beta-testing versions. It focuses on adding new type of MQL5 programs - Services, renewing the economic calendar feature, adding tutorials to Terminal, and API for R language apps: Updated...