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    NAJJAR INVEST - Trading Experts

    Forex and Financial Markets is not a place where all traders are going to make easy profit and this is the second advice. Only about 10% of traders around the world can make stable profit all the time and 90% of traders will lose some or all their Portfolios at the end. This is the ugly truth...
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    Where are the markets headed, brexit aftermath?

    Hello folks, As markets become more volatile, we are left with more questions than answers. We are all looking for that crystal ball that will shed light on whats next :). I am hoping to pass along some of our thoughts and analysis on the current/future market, and looking forward to learning...
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    Fx Live Day Trading -Learn Forex Trading Strategies Used By Banks

    FX Live Day Trading is a forex education service that is dedicated to teaching retail traders how to trade forex successfully. We provide Forex Training Videos, Forex Trading Course, Forex Market Analysis and Daily Market Commentary. Learn how to profit from the forex market by identifying...