1. L

    Grid EA TP calculation

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new to the world of EAs. I am in the process of coding a grid EA with the help of chatgpt. I know that Grid EAs have a pretty bad reputation but please let that be my concern. I'm also just working on a prototype and will have an experienced coder refine it. I...
  2. Enivid

    Position Sizer

    Discuss the Position Sizer expert advisor here. This EA lets you calculate optimal position size and execute trades based on these calculations. Based on Position Size Calculator, it allows some additional control over the trades it opens. You can ask any questions about this free MetaTrader...
  3. Enivid

    New Calculator Available in Forex Tools Section

    We have launched a new calculator to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Blog. Percentage Gain and Loss Calculator (credits for the idea go to @Maverick.) You can read the blog post about this new tool here...
  4. A

    Calculation P/L by comments

    Calculation P/L by comments i am looking for any indicator or scripts for Calculation P/L for all orders which have the same comments If i have this opening orders Buy EURUSD : comment S1 Sell EURCAD : comment S1 Sell GBPUSD : comment S1 Buy EURUSD : comment S2 Sell EURCAD ...
  5. Enivid

    Risk Calculator

    Discuss Risk Calculator indicator in this thread. The indicator can calculate and display the potential risk of all your trades by currency pairs and in total. It is freely available for MT4 and MT5. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  6. Maverick

    Bet Size Calculator

    I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with your calculations when using your indicator with "Lots" and I realize you do not want to individually tailor the indicator for me personally BUT surely I cannot be the only trader who wants to use this on a Spreadbetting account. For whatever...
  7. Easy Trader

    Margin Calculator

    Would it be possible to add in the amount held on margin for the trade. The reason behind my asking is because I keep a small side account that I use very high risk. Kinda like a steak and lobster account instead of the normal burger and fries account. When I place a pending order I manually...
  8. Enivid

    Position Size Calculator

    Warning! Position Size Calculator is now an expert advisor and has a new discussion thread. Discuss Position Size Calculator indicator (automated Forex calculator of the position size for MetaTrader) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here. Update 2019-03-19: And...
  9. F

    Currency Converter Calculator

    The currency rate calculator site provides currency and foreign exchange rates to investors travelers and online businesses. With live cross matrix which refreshes, the currency tool will be beneficial to all forex traders. Moreover, the website also provides with free conversion widgets...