1. F

    Triangle pattern broken in CAD/JPY 4 hour chart

    CAD/JPY formed Lower highs, Higher lows in 4 hour chart. Recently CAD/JPY broken the bottom zone of the Triangle. After breakout, CAD/JPY re-tested the breakout level and starts to fall down. CAD/JPY still technically good to sell. Please Don’t trade all the time, trade only at best trade...
  2. AAATrade Official

    AAATrade Daily Technical Analysis on CAD-JPY

    Our unique trading strategy has provided us with a technical analysis on the CAD-JPY pair. Market scenario : We can observe one major level on the CAD-JPY pair, a support level at 82.83 area. In our opinion this is a strong support level and we are expecting to observe a bounce once price...
  3. CapitalStreetFX

    Daily Report on August 29, 2016

    The U.S dollar held on to its strength against most of its peers on Monday, as the monetary divergence between the U.S and other parts of the world has been reinforced by comments from central bank officials, after the annual economic policy symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. However, it was...