breakout trading

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    IMPORTANT: Defining Moment in the YEN Crosses- [Seminar Video on How to trade it]

    IMPORTANT Defining Moment in the YEN Crosses- [Video on How to trade it] I just posted a three part video series on a mini seminar I hosted yesterday. The topic was on the "Continuation Breakout Trade" and how we traded it with the Yen crosses during yesterday's BIG MOVE in the Yen. You...
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    Free EA MMA breakout

    MMA breakout EA Hello here i want to share i good EA. Strategy Instructions: Currency pair: EUR/USD and Time-frame: M30. (Be sure to run EA from years 2003.01.01-2012.06.01. Also, be sure to run strategy in strategy tester using “Open prices only” instead of “Every tick” to speed up...
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    London Forex Open Breakout Forex System - Journal

    Hi I'm fairly new on these boards but have been trading the above system for a few months. What I like about the system is that it only takes a few minutes to complete each morning (which suits my nature!) and has been pretty OK in terms of results. I'd like to start keeping a journal of my...