1. Enivid

    Move Stop to Breakeven

    Discuss Move Stop to Breakeven expert advisor here. This free EA provides an automated way to mass-move stop-loss levels to breakeven points for all your trades based on the predefined amount of profit. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader robot here.
  2. Enivid

    Breakeven Line

    Discuss Breakeven Line (an indicator that detects and displays a breakeven price for multiple trades) for MT4 and MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  3. Enivid


    Discuss the Breakeven MetaTrader script in this thread. This script allows you to quickly set all qualifying trades to breakeven in MT4 and MT5. You can ask any questions about this script here.
  4. Enivid

    Position Sizer

    Discuss the Position Sizer expert advisor here. This EA lets you calculate optimal position size and execute trades based on these calculations. Based on Position Size Calculator, it allows some additional control over the trades it opens. You can ask any questions about this free MetaTrader...
  5. Skibby_Dibs_79

    Break Even Script

    Can anyone point me to a break even script for MT5? I have looked but it is very elusive.
  6. BFS

    BFS Trailing Wizard tool. Official free trial download: works at demo accounts without registration

    Hello! We decided to share our BFS Trailing Wizard It is a full version that works at demo accounts. You will be not able to use it for live trading, license is required. If you like it, you may get it with discount. BFS Trailing Wizard sets predefined Stop Loss, Take Profit automatically once...