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    Crucial, yet inevitable, Inflection points appear still far away for the US economy, but appearances

    The S&P 500 is almost set up for a correction after having traversed through a 5 wave Elliott wave primary wave progression. It was in 2013 when the stock index crossed over the dow jones commodity index that actually marked the expansionary cycle in the US economy. There is still some...
  2. maximusc

    Trade Safe with Conviction and Win or Gain Profit Consistently 70% Win Ratio

    Cross Foreign Intermarket is a method of determining price discovery in Forex Market in order to obtain high probability execution. This will lead to a conviction why the execution is being made which results in gaining profit in Forex Market trading. Since, as we all know that the reason why...
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    Quick piece on trading without bond guidance.
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    Pulse Research - Fundamental Macro Analysis for Technical Traders

    See how we managed to anticipate US$ strength early in April 2013. Pulse Research provides global fundamental macro-level research and analysis to traders specialising in forex, bonds, stock indices and commodities. By using strategic fundamental analysis for the exposure level or position...