1. Robertayers

    Crypto trading platform

    Hello everyone, I am Robertayers. I am a new crypto trader. So, I am looking for a new and secure crypto currency platform. Anyone can tell me nowadays, which is the best reliable and secure currency platform?
  2. Anastasia Vladimir

    Is Bitcoin Incapable of Mass Adoption?

    Is the mass adoption of Bitcoin forthcoming? If we view Bitcoin as a “currency,” intended for making payments of all sizes, has the technology to do so arrived yet? Let's discuss this!
  3. Anastasia Vladimir

    Gather Here All Crypto Lovers!

    My favourite quote; "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." The first step in crypto consciousness is understanding the underlying technology – blockchain. Forget the tech jargons for now. No one needs to convince you of how revolutionary...
  4. MBHeron88

    Blockchain based Forex trading?

    I've been trading Forex for a year now, and trading crypto for 2 years. I've been waiting for a blockchain based platform to bridge the worlds of traditional assets to cryptographic currencies, and other than Genesis Vision, I'm not seeing anything. Is anyone aware of projects similar to GVT at...
  5. speculator

    Cryptocurrency Trade Ideas and Latest News

    As Cryptocurrency gaining more and more attention around the world, it becomes a widely traded asset with enormous exponential growth potential. There are many alternatives and variations of Bitcoin called Alternative Coins or Altcoins. I would like to dedicate this thread to my cryptocurrency...