1. Maverick

    My own challenge to Myself

    To start an account with £20.00 GBP and be drawing £2,000.00 a day - before Saturday July 2nd 2016 starting Monday May 2nd 2016. Hopefully this is the push I needed :) .
  2. Maverick

    DAX Germany30

    This is hopefully my first of many looks at the DAX seen with Heiken Ashi. Also included are Donchian Channels - bbsqueeze - 8 EMA - 21 EMA and my secret Buy Sell sauce from a coder in Kiev. bbsqueeze can be found here Future images will hopefully have the M1 the same height as the rest :) My...
  3. Maverick


    bbsqueeze A variation on the one I am curently using - BBSqueeze Dark Indicator Step 1: See the zero line. It consists of either Red dot or Green dot. If it is Green dot, it’s time to take action. Now, action (buy or sell) has been defined in step 2 below. If it’s Red dot, do nothing and...