1. ogwedhi

    Custom Indicator not displaying correctly

    A custom indicator I have plots the correct entry arrow on the screen but plots random arrows in the rest of the chart where I do not expect it to plot any thing. How can this be fixed? Also how can I move the arrow next to the entry candle its way too far ontop. Any help will be much appreciate...
  2. dollarwise

    Indicator Arrows Alert Help

    Hello, I commend your excellent work. do you know the code to make the arrow appear 60-100s before the event? i dont want a repainting. attached here is the indicator that is giving me issues
  3. Durai C

    Pls help: Needed to add Alert

    Hi, Can any one add alert and arrow on crossing MA in this indicator.
  4. P

    how i create an alert on mt4 indicator?

    Hello, i have one can i create an alert on mt4 indicator. i use one indicator on mt4 who give's you signals for binary option. this indicator put on grafic arrows, and i want to make an alert when this arrows apear on grafic. can some one help me please? this is the indicator i...
  5. Durai C

    Need Help on Arrow and Alert.

    HI, I need alert and arrow when RSI crossed Upper or Lower BB in Attached MT4. Pls help me.
  6. L

    High and Low MA inicator

    I need an indicator for my strategy as follows: Example 20 moving average. Arrow indicating Buy signal when current bar closes above 20 ma high. Arrow indicating Sell signal when current bar closes below 20 ma low. Must happen alternatively i.e buy signal then sell signal when first...
  7. Enivid

    CCI Arrows

    Discuss CCI Arrows MT4 indicator in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.