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The Disciplined Trader

July 7, 2009 (Last updated on August 7, 2009) by

I uploaded a new e-book about trading in the psychology section today. It’s The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas. The book is all about the process of developing the new winning attitudes in the financial market traders. The great deal of success in the market depends on a clearness of the trader’s mind and his ability to make rational thoughtful decisions. Unfortunately the market is quite a difficult entity, which can disturb emotions and dim minds. From the psychological point of view the market should be accepted as the trader’s environment, but its actions towards the trader should be treated with a great care. Discipline is a tool, which can help a trader see not his guilt, worthlessness or helplessness in the bad trade outcomes but rather see losses as the expenses. Meanwhile, the profits shouldn’t be treated as the rewards for trading itself but rather as a reward for the weighted decision made at a right moment of time. You can download this book for free:

  • The Disciplined Trader

Update: I had to remove the book by request of M. Webber, a representative of Mark Douglas. It was actually illegal to offer it for a free download.

If you have any questions or interesting thoughts regarding discipline in Forex trading, please, feel free to reply in comments.

2 Responses to “The Disciplined Trader”

  1. Mike from Drop Ship

    The ebook is very helpful in controlling the emotions in this volatile and unsure market. Thanks for the link.


  2. Tom Breslin

    any chance of getting you to email me the book or link. thank you in advance. Best Regards, tom


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