7 golden rules for the novice trader - Live webinar on Aug. 22


May 8, 2011
SunbirdFX would like to invite you to a live webinar on August 22 at 1 pm GMT, conducted by Bastian Rubben - Sunbird’s Chief Analyst.

Webinar's theme: 7 golden rules for the novice trader

The webinar is focused on 7 golden rules that every trader should follow.
Whether you just started your first steps in the forex world or have years of trading experience, this webinar would be time well spent.

We will go through the following subjects: basic trading systems, appropriate leverage, breaks down & up and more.
Moreover, we will discuss some of Sunbird's trades that were published by its chief analysts, which gained over 300 pips.

In order to register to the webinar, Click on the following link: http://bit.ly/oZAtvA
*Number of participants is limited

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About Bastian Rubben, Chief Analyst:
Bastian Rubben is an institutional trader, managing Nostro accounts and a SunBridFX Chief Analysts. Bastian has made his first steps in a technical analysis course 7 years ago and quickly became a personal trainer at the same technical analysis school, in which he taught for two years and established a trading room, which serves thousands of forex & stocks traders these days. Later he started managing VIP clients and institutions' account, in SunBirdFX, and over the years became SunBirdFX chief analysts.

Bastian's specialty is reversal systems. He believes that entering in extreme points dramatically reduces a trade's chances, and he tries to take profit when everybody goes in.

Looking forward to see you!

Sunbird’s Research Division