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Forex Trading Strategies — Price Action — Bullish Flag and Bearish Flag Pattern

The flat pattern is probably one of the most well used patterns, due to its simplicity in the way that it looks, and the way it is traded. We have got a very simple and basic couple of drawings here. We have here, two flags, one in the bullish market, where the market is going upwards. The other one is the right is in a bearish market, where the market goes downwards. The reason why […]

How to Use Dark Cloud Cover Pattern — Forex Trading

In this video, we will focus on the dark cloud cover pattern, which is the opposite of the piercing pattern. So, in terms of its definition, this pattern is a reversal pattern. It consists of two candles (white and black) Occurs at top of a uptrend. Black candle has to open at or above the white candle's close and close more than half way into the white candle's body. Let's look at an example. What we have […]

Candlestick Pattern Trading — What Is a Shooting Star

In this video, we will discuss about the shooting star candlestick. The shooting star looks something like this. It is basically the opposite of a hammer. First, the price opens, then the buyers come in, and push the price all the way high, then the sellers come in, and reverse all the gains, and eventually closing near the lows over here. So, based on this visualization, it is quite straightforward to know that […]

Forex Trading — How to Trade — Doji Candlestick Patterns

In this video, we are going to discuss a candle called the doji candle. It can be quite a significant candle when we are looking at trend reversal. It has the following features. Not a reversal candle on its own Represents an equilibrium between buyers and sellers (markets do not know which way to go) Open and close are around the same level. Requires confirmation The doji candle comes in a few […]

Doji Candlestick Signal in Forex

Doji candlestick has the same opening and closing price. So, its real body appears as a horizontal line. It represents indecision in the market. Let us take a look at what is going on when a doji forms. A session was started in which price was driven up by buyers, but it could have also been sellers driving the price down. Then, the sellers pushed the price back down to its opening […]

Effective Forex Reversal Indicator

In this video tutorial, we will be talking about forex reversal indicators. Why reversal indicators? Enter a trade at the beginning of a new trend. Prevent yourself from getting into a losing trade. MACD: Basically, it is a reversal indicator When the MACD histogram shortens, it tells us that the price is going reverse So, the MACD indicator is a very good tool to tell us the price is […]

Simple Forex Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Have you heard the saying, the trend is your friend. Well, this is the opposite. Eventually, any trend is going to break, and this strategy helps you know when that is about to happen. We need to be able to recognize four simple candlestick patterns. Hammer: A hammer is a candle with a small body with a long shadow. Whether it is an up or down candle, it does […]

Triangle Pattern — Forex Trading — Chart Pattern

In this video, we will look at the triangle pattern. It is a very powerful, yet extremely simple formation in the forex market. So, we have here a hypothetical chart, that is kind of moving sideways. If we draw a line above and below, we will see right away that the price is in a triangle. The price can continue going in the triangle and more often than not, that is exactly […]

Reading the Charts — Bullish Flag

This is one of those patterns that has often times an above average expectation, because it completes more times, when you identify a real bullish flag. A bullish flag is formed during a market correction in an uptrend. Retail traders will see this as a potential reversal, but it is not, we look for some specific setups that will let us know that the market is […]

How To Trade the Bull Flag — Continuation Chart Pattern

A bull flag pattern occurs in a bull market where the price moves upwards, but encounters a resistance level. Then the price corrects into the pattern until it finally breaks the resistance, and breaks out to the upside. So, how do we trade this pattern? There are some simple rules. Always trade on the breakout. Don't trade on support level. Once the price breaks the resistance level, open directional trade. Stops […]