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E-Book Review: 3D Trading by Ruben Topaz

If you are still looking for a comprehensive Forex trading strategy, you might find what you seek in the newest book by Ruben Topaz. Although it can be seen as a mere introductory guide and an attempt to sell the author's webinar dedicated to the same trading system, the e-book has a lot to offer. The book consists of 9 main chapters:

  1. Basic strategy. It is an overview of the entry/exit system.
  2. Elliott Wave & pattern analysis. Talks about Elliott Wave theory and various Elliott Wave patterns.
  3. Price and time projection. Will teach you some Fibonacci-based techniques for price and time measuring.
  4. SQ9 — Gann. A brief introduction to Gann's "Square of 9" theory.
  5. Williams' Percentage Range. The chapter offers information on how to use W%R indicator in the author's trading system.
  6. MACD. Will explain you the basics of divergences between MACD readings and the actual price movement.
  7. Money management. Some very general and well-known to experienced traders information on position sizing.
  8. Two halves strategy. Offers a rather dangerous, in our opinion, position management technique.
  9. Putting it all together. The name of the chapters says it all — previously described pieces are taken together to form a working Forex strategy.
3D Trading: A No-Nonsense, All-Encompassing Forex Trading Plan to Win

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