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Where Do I Get a Forex System?

If you are going to trade Forex and you plan to do it successfully, then some kind of method or system is a must. Systems can vary quite a bit — yours may be mechanical, discretionary, or a combination of each. It may be based in fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Your Forex system will need to have entry and exit rules, though, and also incorporate other comprehensive strategies for success (money management, for example). A lot of new Forex traders wonder where they can get a system that works.

There are many different places where you can find a system. You can buy a system or get one for free. You can build a system or modify one. You will find thousands of free and paid systems online, and you will discover even more in books. Forex systems are also available through training programs (which always cost money — usually a lot).

There is nothing wrong with buying a Forex trading system, but you should do so warily. The reason is that many traders (successful and otherwise) prey off of the desperation of new traders, who are in search of a holy grail which simply does not exist. There is no such thing as a perfect, fail-proof Forex system. You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars and be no closer to finding it (and further away from opening your account and trading real money). There are reputed sellers out there, but it is best to research thoroughly and learn some things about trading before you go spending your money. No one can buy their way into profitability with Forex trading. The best system will fail if you do not know how to apply it — no matter what you paid for it. Some training programs will not only teach you systems which (theoretically) work, but also how to use those systems so that they do work.

There are thousands of free Forex systems online and in books. You can apply many of these systems without modification and get excellent results. It is critical that you test them yourself before trading with real money though, so that you learn how you do with those systems. You may need to modify them to fit your trading style — or not. The only way to know is to test. You can also meet people in the Forex community and modify a friend's system to suit your needs. And once you get used to Forex trading a bit, you may be able to build your own system from the ground up.

One thing you must never, ever forget is that you are part of your trading, and a system, which works great for one trader, may fail utterly for you. A system which fails utterly for another person may be perfect for you. Testing will help you to figure out not only whether a system works, but how you factor into that system. There are tons of systems out there. So read up online and start figuring out what feels intuitive to you. Then start backtesting on historical data. Once you start getting some good results, you will be on your way!