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Top 7 News Sources for Financial Trader

Getting the latest important news is a vital requirement for every Forex, stocks or options trader. The Internet is full of various sites, but not all them feature financial news or provide such news in a timely manner. This list consists of top seven sources for the trader’s news that are updated often and are not mixed up with irrelevant news.

  1. Bloomberg — the ultimate news source about everything that is in any way related to the financial markets. Categorization by the regions helps in finding important international news.
  2. Breaking News — a great site to get the recent financial information, it also provides free news from several paid news sources (e.g. Associated Press). Stock market traders will like the coverage of almost all kinds of companies.
  3. Reuters Business & Finance — Reuters is one of the most professional informational companies in the world and they offer news as a free service to everyone.
  4. The Economist — not too quick on the freshest news, but offers a lot of great analysis and insights.
  5. Financial Times — I like FT for they are not as USA-focused as some other financial news sites, they offer a pretty good world news outlook. Can be recommended as a source of Forex related news if you prefer trading exotic currency pairs.
  6. CNNMoney — opposite to FT, CNN prefers news from United States, but it’s still good because the majority of world stocks are concentrated on the Wall Street. It will also be useful to the Forex dollar traders.
  7. CNBC — a "must have" bookmark for every currency trader; news on foreign currency markets are delivered at the top quality level.