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A very cheap VPS service with a very nice basic server configuration and a free MT4 platform pre-installed as a bonus. Also accepts Moneybookers, which is quite rare among the Forex VPS hosting companies. 30-day moneyback guarantee is also a good advantage.

  • Online since 2000
  • Offices in
    • United States
  • Payment options
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
  • Basic package price $12
  • MetaTrader pre-installed
  • Monthly bandwidth 500 GB
  • Trial 30 day moneyback guarantee
  • Offered expert advisors No

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93 reviews of UCVHOST are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Amsterdam.

Terrible expirience!!! I lost all my data and EAs when they sold the company to some other company softlayer. They closed the site and servers without any notification :(((

, usa.

I have all praises for UCVHOST. These guys have always helped me in fixing my issues. All my issues, if any, have been resolved within 2-3 hours whenever i have got in touch with them. Well till now in my 5 years of hosting with them, i have faced only 2 issues till now and my server is working fine for last 14 months without any downtime. 100 % uptime for last 14 months and I am really happy

, Canada.

I have purchased the windows vps server from them. First of all they charged me twice I opened a ticket with them on July 3, 2013 to refund no body replied. Then I contacted live support several times all the time they said your ticket is in progress with NO REPLY!

Today after 14 days i contacted again they said wait it is in process.

I have not used there server these guys are offering me $10 instead of total amount $19.99

I had a issue in the server the java script was not running I am not able to update the settings I contacted live support the person deals don't know only the scripted lines.

I emailed them again I need a refund for both today is 7th still live support said wait 2 hrs we will reply you when I contact them again they said still in process. I waited 2 days then opened a Paypal dispute.



, Singapore.

I use UCVHOST forex vps and i have very bad experience with it. I recevied my account 2 daya ago and i had experience multiple times even logging into the vps server. Even when i did connected successfully, even with just 2 Metrader4 opened, the computer froze(more than 3 times now) and i have to wait for about 15 minutes before i can log back in again. At the time of writing this, i have been trying for the past 1 hour logging into my vps, their ucvhost.com website is down and a few times successfully loaded customer service livechat is offline. The previous day i used their livechat i've been getting very very slow reponse, about 15 minutes per reply. Their operator just keep asking me to wait and hold on and finally explained that he's handling alot customers alone.

Just 1 word to describe them, disappointed.

, us.

UCV is my best host till now, i have been trading in forex for last 3 years but none of my previous hosting providers could give me a stable service as UCV. I have not faced any downtime for the last 6 months and my trades never suffer.

I love their service

, uk.

The forex servers are amazing and you can always expect your trade to be on on their servers

There is hardly any downtime and i have never required any kind of support from them for past 6 months as far as the uptime of my server is concerned

, India.

UCV's services are my all time favorite

They are available 24/7, and give the best support that too without any charges

The plans are cheap and suit my budget too, from my side they are a complete recommendation

, US.

UCVHOST has always helped me to install and uninstall my apps and software on my vps

they never charge me extra for taking support from them. Its always a pleasure talking to them and all I have to do is just pay for my plan every month and I feel very confident about my server as UCV support helps me whenever I need them

I feel very confident about the uptime of my site and the performance of my server since I have shifted my servers to them

, Germany.

UCV is a complete RECOMMEND from my side

When I compare them with my previous hosting providers, then these guys are far best till now

You must go for them if you are looking for a cheap hosting

, india.

These guys are scamsters..they made false advertising that their servers are 100% upsite but on 26th and 27th march of 2013 their servers went down...their live support is horrible keep on lying to customers..their live chat went offline , refund form stopped working, i was suspicious and moved to a different VPS... Now they are refusing to refund my money back... they said refund is only for new customers and not for renewals ...welll their website does not say this anywhere but have to tell you they dont talk about theit false claims 100% uptime..huh its 2 days down and caused me $250.00 in trades...i have to manually monitor two trades.. stay away..

, United Kingdom.

I have used UCVhost for about 1.5 years now and nothing but tales of woe. From customer support agents supposedly named Emma, Jenny, cathy (yeah right) who have an appaling grasp of plain English to having my mail flows interrupted for over a day. I've simply had enough and decided to stick it to the man and move my domain elsewhere. As expected they tried to frustrate my efforts (quite a predictable lot) saying a domain I registered with then was no longer in their control and I will have to contact Melbourne IT as they have terminated their relationship with Melbourne IT over a year ago. Can you beat that? Where is the communications to customers notifying them of this significant change? I'm hell bent on moving and can't be stopped regardless of their antics and one thing I know, never again with ucvhost, just a ----- bunch really. The online support agent actually terminated a chat in mid-conversation with a terse 'contact Melbourne IT, we can't do anything' - so much for customer service. Stay away from UCVhost people, save yourself the headache.

, UK.

I am so far satisfied with the services of this company,





, Russia.

I am using UCVHOST's servers for hosting my games. So far so good, I have earned lots of money by hosting games on their servers.

My players never complain about any connectivity issue with the games on my site. I am happy with their services!!!

, sweden.

I am a forex trader. I have tried many forex services earlier but have finally found very stable forex vps services at UCVHOST. I am trading on their server for last 2 months and havent faced any issue.

For me they work well and suit my budget too

, usa.

UCV is a great host and all i can say is that their service is commendable.

If you want to have a hassle free hosting experience just select them blindfolded

The services are great and above that they are very cheap!!!

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