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A rather inexpensive Windows VPS with a good service level and a fast connection to U.S. servers. The only on-line electronic payment system is PayPal. Moneyback guarantee insures your satisfaction.

  • Online since 2008
  • Offices in
    • United States
  • Payment options
    • Credit/debit cards
    • PayPal
  • Basic package price $23.95
  • MetaTrader pre-installed
  • Monthly bandwidth 500 GB
  • Trial 30 day moneyback guarantee
  • Offered expert advisors No

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12 reviews of PhotonVPS are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, UK.

the WORST Experience I ever had in my entire LIFE.

I have a Windows VPS the over all performance of the VPS is Good enough but it is always down, in my 20days :) I used it just few I don't know actually but I check it daily.

and yeah the customer support :D

they are really funny they didn't even check the VPS and say your services is UP :)

I am writing this review coz I am not gona continue my services with them, and nor in future.

There services down time is on daily basis minimum 1 hour a day, they actually grantee you the DOWN Time.

and Live support will only get active if there services are UP and running smoothly otherwise they will get offline, you can visit there website today is MONDAY and I didn't see any one online yet.

, usa.

they lie. they have no 100% uptime or server redundancy and failsafes! they went down nov.12th 2013 and then again nov.18 thru nov19th about 24hrs.

thats more than enough down time to ruin your trading account or business deals. who cares if you get your fee back after they ruined you?

they suck, stay away at all costs. dont use even if they say free.

nothing but many problems i wasted 2 weeks and could have lost alot more.

do your own backups they will lose everything for you. i had paypal call them to get my money back. these clowns scared the heck out of my vps trust.

, U.S.A.

Amazing company with amazing service!

, New York.


, Florida.

Great Company! Great tech team that answers support tickets!

, U.S.A.

Great company!! amazing service and prices.

, United States.

They never respond to emails, phone calls and all their voic mail boxes are constantly full (including sales). They work in another country and close out tickets without resolving them. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE USELESS!

, Canada.

PhotonVPS is the best hosting company I have been with. They provide great services, great tech support and great prices. They leave out all the unwanted bullsh*t that other companies try to feed you. Overall, my experience with PhotonVPS has been extradinary.

, United States.

Here is how new customers get treated with PhotonVPS


Hi, after signing up my account I never received the confirmation phone call and my account status says fraud...

Here is my information:

Order Number: **********

Name: John *******

Phone: ***-***-****

Thank you


IP Address: 71.212.**.**

Jimmy Lu

Staff 09/18/2011 23:23


We do not allow proxy sign ups.

Jimmy Lu

Director of Operations

How would you rate this reply? Poor Excellent

John *******

Client 09/19/2011 00:13

Hi, what exactly do you mean by proxy signups? I did not sign up through a proxy. I'm currently located in Washington state even though my billing information says Maine..My main web developer is also accessing this account with my permission.

You have all of my contact information to verify this is not a fraudulent purchase.

If i need to go somewhere else for hassle-free service let me know.

Jimmy Lu

Staff 09/19/2011 00:16


You'll need to go somewhere else.

Jimmy Lu

Director of Operations


, California, USA.

I needed a Meta4 VPS and at first I did not know which VPS to go with. I was actually a bit skeptical about choosing PhotonVPS because there was not many reviews and any reviews that existed were mixed... both positive and negative. I went ahead and chose PhotonVPS anyways due to their competitive prices as well as their acclaimed great support.

Upon ordering my VPS, I was set up quickly and given the proper support (I have no idea how VPS work) and they guided me step by step on how to set up my VPS. Their support is great and like the previous poster above I submitted so many tickets and received a response on each of them in a timely matter.

I recommend PhotonVPS to anyone that needs a VPS due to their outstanding support! They must have improved greatly in the last few months!

, Colombia.

I just had a bad experience with them. I paid for a month of service and 5 days later they accused me of using the VPS (which was installed by themselves) to abuse, suspended the service and refused to refund my money... and I only had 5 instances of metatrader running there. I chose them based on this page, so now I leave the comment about my experience.

, US.

I signed up with PhotonVps and was totally ignorant about how to get setup and started as far as using MT4 within their system.

The support is excellent, and patient, and answered all my questions quickly (I must have sent over a dozen support tickets).

If you are using MT4 in their system one thing you should know is it is not web based in the normal sense of the term.

Rather, you have to connect to a remote desktop, and then download MT4 on that remote desktop, and then from there you can add your EA's etc. and it will run 24/7 even when your computer is off.

If your computer is unable to connect to a remote desktop I would not bother signing up with PhotonVps for MT4 use.

But if you have windows you can find the Remote Desktop link in your Start menu - All Programs - Accessories....and then you have to type in the ip address of the remote desktop, and then the username and password (they send you all this info after you sign up).

And so you have access to your own private remote desktop where you can dowload your brokers version of MT4 and let it run around the clock since the remote computer is always on.

They told me the internet connection on the remote desktop is high speed cable, and that no one can spy on you or access your MT4 because it is all private.

As far as access to the internet via Internet Explorer on the remote desktop - it is very ancient and you can't even view videos like youtube etc., and the security settings are very high (which you can change). I tried changing the settings, and got access to youtube, but the videos were super slow and slowed down everything including MetaTrader 4.

So you will be better off using the remote desktop for running MT4 only, and nothing else.

Best of all you only have to pay a month at a time, so if you change your mind later you can cancel your payments.

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