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Nextpointhost is a VPS hosting company, specializing in Forex clients but also offering common hosting services to the customers. The hosting plans are rather attractive and the connection is fast. The location of servers in Bulgaria, Germany, and the UK allows for a pretty fast connection to world´s major brokers.

  • Online since 2010
  • Offices in
    • Bulgaria
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
  • Payment options
    • Credit/debit cards
    • PayPal
    • Perfect Money
    • Skrill
    • Wire transfer
  • Basic package price $18.75
  • MetaTrader pre-installed
  • Monthly bandwidth Unlimited
  • Trial 30 day moneyback guarantee
  • Offered expert advisors 100 free expert advisors for MT4 and MT5.

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24 reviews of Nextpointhost are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Jordan.

I`m client of Nextpointhost VPS`s in Bulgaria from 3 months already.

Several weeks ago i`ve received a perfect offer for their new data center situated in Germany. They ofered me incredibly low latency to my broker, doubled my resources on almost the same price! I`m really glad from the service and that is great deal.

, Jordan.

I`m client of Nextpointhost VPS`s in Bulgaria from 3 months already.

Several weeks ago i`ve received a perfect offer for their new data center situated in Germany. They ofered me incredibly low latency to my broker, doubled my resources on almost the same price! I`m really glad from the service and that is great deal.

, Italy.

They are doing a great job, their support is really excellent and for this reason I purchased two vps from them and then upgraded to the advanced version.


, Petrich, Bulgaria.

This hosting was recommended me by a friend. I bought their PRO plan and I can say that they definitely know what are doing. I have been asked if I want additional .net and java to be installed on my machine, so I can use them to compile my own broker. Also, they provide me help to do it!

, Turkey.

The best VPS provider I've used so far. Very fast servers with 10Gbps speed which allow me to trade without problems. 100% uptime without downtimes including the weekends. Highly recommend them!

, Saco ME USA.

found nextpointhost through this website and I`m very glad from the service provided by them. Very fast support from their side. Also they helped me to install my own expert advisor and running it successfully.

, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

never seen such fast set up. It was ready for use in 20 minutes! Also, they have installed all my traders for free! Support is very polite and helped me to install all needed software to run my trading business.

, Germany, Ulm.

Signed up with them before 4 months. Their support is always helpful and polite. They have installed all the required platforms for me and also updated them when it was necessary. Recommended forex company!

, Romania.

Nextpointhost rocks because of the faster VPS that they provide and the reliable support which is available 24/7. My trader platform is not stopped since I was buy their VPS. Great nextpointhost!

, United States.

I`m impressed from Nextpointhost service. Bought Forex VPS plan from them 7 months ago and till now there is no any problems with it. The internet connection speed is excellent and if I have questions, their support answers me in an hour. Nextpointhost is a reliable forex hosting company!


We have been working with Next Point Host and this is one of the best VPS service provider we have every worked with (we have tried a few other VPS providers already). The service is excellent, the price and performance is extremely competitive, support is simply wonderful. They will help you with any issue that you might come across and will walk you through the whole process. Defeinitely 10 out of 10. Thank you Next Point Host!!!

, Thailand.

Very reliable company.

Service is perfect - very quick, reply even during the week-end !

Never had any problem with the VPS, the system is working very fast and stable. Am running more than 10 MT4 on it -


, Bulgaria.

M-r Raimondas,

Please contact our support or billing department via contact form on our site or via email to billing (at) nextpointhost.com. We will be happy to investigate and resolve the case. This site is not a place to solve such problems.

On our site you can found information how many CPU, RAM, Disk you will receive on every plan.

Here we can not post links or advertisements that's why please contact us directly if you have any future questions.

, Lietuva.

Nice explanation, NextPointHost :)

I have ordered VPS on March 15 and cancelled it on April 13. That's 30 days.

Here's a quote from email, that I have received from NextPointHost support on April 13: " If you are still not satisfied with the result, you can still proceed with your cancellation, and refund without any strings attached."

11 metatrader platforms preinstalled? C'mon, I'm keeping my old emails and I see in my order only 6 requested platforms. And there is nothing about CPU in plans description, so there's no guarantie that you will get better CPU on higher plan. I have now VPS server that running with 10 MT4 terminals with no problem for lower money.

And now they even blocked my login to the client area.

, Bulgaria.


We want to give additional information about M-r Raimondas Duzinskas.

1. He was our customer 31 days before to cancel his service. As we write on our website we offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, the client's money for the last month have not been refunded.

2. This client has never contacted our support to let us know about his problems. So his problem was not resolved by us, because we did not know about it.

3. Mr. Duzinskas was ordered 11 MetaTrader terminals on our forex vps basic plan. Most probably this is main reason for utilization of all CPU resources of his VPS servers.

For customers who need more power, we offer Forex VPS Advanced or Forex VPS Pro plans.

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