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14 reviews of IwisHost are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.


Reply to " Ion from Romania. Trading account #8XXXX4"

In just 2 days of new vps this customer has changed his all vps network and registry settings and in weekends requested to instant reinstall windows os

We already replied on given ticket "in weekends you need to allow 12-24 hours if need to reinstall " but this customer was expecting instant installation and he said "Don't force me to write very NEGATIVE review of your hosting at earnforex.com Just reinstall my vps"

As we were not able to do instant installation so we have refunded his payment and cancelled his vps

, Romania.

Real disaster provider. Be very careful when you open support ticket and ask them or compain from something. I asked them to reinstall my VPS because the exectuions were slow and they told me to wait 24 hours. When I asked them why so much for simple reinstall when other providers are doing within minutes and of course I'm not happy to wait 24 hours for simple operation they just canceled my VPS without notification. That's the answer from their support - [Ticket ID: 702505] reinstall vps. Greetings, we dont want our customer to be unhappy with our service. As you are not happy with our service so we have decided to cancel your vps - without notification in advance, no back up of my data and Expert Advisors, nothing. I lost all my data and Expert Advisors. This provider has very very bad customer attitude so think twise before go it. If you would need support some day then stay away.

, london.

very good quality and customer support, i never had to wait long for any issue to get resolved. i am using iwishost for more then 8 months and i am very satisfied with the service quality!

speed of vps servers is excellent with good uptime

i highly recommended…!!!


iwishost provides a good service at a reasonable price, since last 6 months i am enjoying forex vps with them and never have any problems so i highly recommend.

, uk.


i use iwishost from one year, yes sometime can to be some problem, but support is very quickly, i use in uk and ny and for me the quality and price is very good, in uk i get 7ms with alpariuk. ps: support work also on sathurday.

good luck




iwishost.com provides a good service at a reasonable price, since last 6 months i am enjoying forex vps with them and never have any problems so i highly recommend.

, Sweden.

Very good and reliable support. The service is incredibly fast!

, India.

I have used 5 VPS providers from past 6 months, among all the 5 IwisHost has the worst service of all... very very bad service, their servers will reboot unexpetedly and they will argue with their customers that their servers never rebooted and are working fine. Also their service is little pricy compared to any other vps provider with better service. I do not recommend IwisHost to any one

, Nigeria.

If I had given my ears that some of the bad reviews about them I would have missed the best. Very fast and profitable! And I can't believe that they went on to add some payment gateways immediately at my request. I will stick to them because their VPS is the best I ever used and they are very friendly.

, Update.

Mr.Brijesh was using our service from 22/09/2012 and only 2 times he complained for connection problem and only once there was issue with his vps

on 29/12/2012 he sent below email to support


what the fucking service is this?

i m using vps for forex trading. U guys r really cheap and fucking.

u dont think that it may be risky?

i will write bad review about u everywhere and every forum.


is it correct way ?

as per our terms we have suspended his vps but never refuse to provide his data but in next few minutes he started posting on forums

Note: we don't want to argue but just to inform truth

, India.

never subscribe this vps.

i was faced shut down many times.

then once i used lttle abusive word for them.

and then they suspened vps instantly.

i told them on chat and mailed them sorry and i have important data on vps. pls dont suspend.

but they did not help me.

they r really irresponsible.

never subscribe them.

it is too risky and bad service.

they can do anything.

dont trust them.

, US.

i am using iwishost for over 7 months now, and their service is excellent and on the time i have needed support, there is an almost instant response.

i am very satisfied and i highly recommend this company.

, United Arab Emirates.

I subscribed to their VPS Plan FVPS - 02 for $18/-. The invoice number is 282215 dated 08.12.12. This plan had a ram of 1GB with port speed of 10/100Mbps. I had only 3 instances of MT4 installed. All was well for the first 3 days. Then everything went wrong. The Remote Desktop connection to their server was very slow although i was connecting using my broadband connection. Once connected, it used to get disconnected frequently. The EAs could not be placed on the chart. I raised this issue with them (Ticket ID:918892) and their only reply was the connection to the server is good at their end. They were sounding like, if the connection is good at our end then it's got to be good at your end too. Rather than finding out what the problem was, they were trying to justify their connection at their end.

This company does not have faith in their own services and infrastructure, hence they do not offer the customer refunds. I had to cancel within three days of subscription and lost my money.

Looks like some cheap Indian company, sitting in some remote area and trying to offer Forex VPS service which requires top class infrastructure. I challenge you to offer refunds if you have even a little bit of faith in your services and infrastructure.

, US.

i have been with iwishost.com since nov 2011 and always best service and very quick support response by their support staff

as i know the price is lower than any other VPS provider

i highly recommend

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