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It's a great VPS solution for Forex traders. Forex EA VPS offer very favorable conditions with MT4 & MT5 preinstalled, no limit on monthly bandwidth, dedicated IP address and a high level of server protection. You also get free expert advisors with all plans except the cheapest one. The monthly rates are also nice. Unfortunately, the payment methods are rather limited.

  • Online since 2011
  • Offices in
    • Bulgaria
  • Payment options
    • Credit/debit cards
    • PayPal
    • Perfect Money
  • Basic package price $18
  • MetaTrader pre-installed
  • Monthly bandwidth Unlimited
  • Trial 30 day moneyback guarantee
  • Offered expert advisors Up to 4 free EAs depending on VPS plan.

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27 reviews of Forex EA VPS are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, London.

I've been with this VPS provider for several months now and I'm really pleased with their prompt and helpful support. I'm really satisfied with the service, got a nice discount too. That was a great bargain!

, Bulgaria.

Unfortunately too many concurrent companies try to discredit our reputation using false reviews. We reserve our right to tell the truth. Regarding the last negative feedback, we can say that no such client has ever existed in our system. We have a VPS Monitoring system that immediately notifies the client in case of a problem. An this is a rare situation.

, Canada.

Have been using this VPS since May, 2014. Not good. Constantly FREEZING up. Not being able to sign in. NO GOOD. Stay far away!!

, Turkey.

I have never experienced problems with them. Excellent services for serious traders.I have been using their services for five months, my server has never been restarted and the support is quite fast one. One can receive a reply back for less than 20 minutes.

, London.

For me they are just best! Any discount/lowering price is welcome of course, but do not think it is a 'must' talking about them. Never (before them) got such customer service, have not had any issues, it is just plain VPS - you need it, you use it, period! And yes, the Hyper-V is jut best choice!

I will be glad if someone can recommend better one :)

, Norway.

I have been with Forex EA VPS for 2 months now on their cheapest account.

I have really had great service from these guys, they have done a lot over and above from their normal offering and have assisted me in a lot more than they needed to. I have never waited longer than 15 minutes for a response. Highly recommended ! 10 out of 10 from me.

, USA.

I've been using this provider for 6 months already and will recommend their services to everyone. Their support is great! They've helped me a lot with my EAs and platforms. Good job guys!

, Bulgaria.

Ionel Balaceanu: It's your second refund request. This only proves you don't want to pay for the services you use. You should also be aware of the Terms and Conditions of the payment gateway you use (Perfect Money) and know that they do not have a refund policy.

However, we always agree to return money according to our 30 day money back guarantee. That's why you have received a full refund already.

, Romania.

Bad attempt for explanation but it is not true that cannot refund from Perfect Money. You told me that I can get refund from Perfect Money 2 months ago. When I asked for the refund option your answer was "If you want your money back in Perfect Money account you will have to wait some time." Wait some time is very different from not possible refund. So you can just log in your Perfect money account and send money to my account. As I wrote you have to learn to be honest with your customers.

, Bulgaria.

To Ionel Balaceanu:

it is true that we had some technical problems for a short period. Though we try to deliver the best service possible, there's no company to provide 100% uptime.

We also do not have a single case not to refund money to a client. For that particular case client has paid through a payment gateway that doesn't support refunds (Perfect Money). If an alternative method is provided (e.g PayPal), we return the money in full.

, Romania.

This provider is disappointing and like a joke. The service was 2 days offline Monday and Tuesday. Initially they wrote that have problems with network in the datacenter. The second day after all day up and down playing chaotically finally they tried to find explanation telling me that my vps had crashed and that's why it was offline and my terminals was not running all the day. When I asked for refund of my money and the answer is "Today we have no fault about it. It could be something you have installed or did".

They obviosly don't know that I monitor my vps with Pingdom and my mail box is full of email alerts every time when my vps is connected or not so it was not my vps crashed one time but their network many times. This provider must learn to be honest with the customers and refund money when cannot provide good quality service.

, Bulgaria.

Regarding the last fake comment: we never had a client with that name (Marco Safal).

As to our support, it's probably the best as we're the only to offer live chat feature.

, Porcia, Italy.

I`m definitely not satisfied with this company. The support is slow and awlful and the latency to the main brokers is super slow. Not recommend them to anyone

, Unuted States.

Ive been useing this service for five months now . The connectivity and speed have been consistant and fast with trade executions even with several mt4 platforms and Ea'a attached. Customer service is also fast and attentive to any technical issues .

, Spain and UK.

We have been with Forex EA VPS for more than a year now and have never had a problem with their servers or the service they offer their customers. We are based in the UK, Spain and the US and have servers based in each country but to be honest the service we get from Forex EA VPS is much more efficient than any of the other companies. We would not hesitate to recommend this company and will use them in the future for any new projects.

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